Fifty Grit

Dateline (Dec. 2000)

From Entermedia Magazine's
"Celebrity Grapevine"

50 Grit Drummer's Secret Wedding

Sorry ladies, but we've got to take aggro-hunk G. Rick DeChurch off of Entermedia's most eligible bachelors list. Our sources report that DeChurch was married to world-renowned performance artist Katherine Pierini at a private ceremony in Washington last September. Entermedia was able to get 50 Grit's manager, Ace Mandeville to explain why it took so long for the wedding to be publicized.

"Simple," says Mandeville. "Just look at the guy. He was born to be a teen heartthrob--but only if he's single. This (wedding) is bound to somewhat reduce his appeal for a segment of our teen-age fans. And it's only compounded by Christopher (Scott)'s former vocation as an ascetic monk, and of course those rumors about Theron (Paul Stevenson) don't help."

But weren't those rumors put to rest by Theron's arrival at the wedding, arm-in-arm with Isabella Rosselini?

"There is no truth whatsoever to those rumors," replies Mandeville. "But our official word is that Theron's relationship with Isabella is purely based on a deep, mutual, professional respect."

Other luminaries at the wedding ceremony included Shaquille O'Neil, former U.N. Secretary General Bhoutros Bhoutros-Ghali, and Earle Belcher of Louisville public television's "Fishin' with Earle". Notably absent was Willie Nelson, whose relationship with DeChurch has been rocky.

Following a tasteful ceremony, the glamorous couple was whisked by Learjet to the honeymoon suite at the Horse Cave Hotel in Kentucky. Asked if he had any techniques for combating wedding night jitters, DeChurch replied "nope."

Congratulations to the lovely newlyweds!

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